FEEDBACK - Interview With The Vampire

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Interview With The Vampire

Dunst as Claudia:

Dunst:  as herself

Pitt:  Update
Okay, computer is working again... lost the above update so here is the new one.

Update on Pitt...

Louie: update

Tom Cruise:  update  10/17/2011

Have completely re-worked Tom Cruise!

... and still working on him... :-)

Character:  Lestat

The clothing isn't exactly right, but couldn't find any to match, unless some of you know of something that would work.

Christian Slater/ Daniel Malloy

Thinned his face a bit...

 Antonio Banderas -

Made his chin a bit less round... in the shot below

If anyone knows of clothing, hair, fangs that would fit these characters please let me know.