Saturday, October 22, 2011

Affleck and Garner 2

Oooops!  Meant to thin out Ben's nose... so here is an update of the uploaded Ben!

I just wanted to say that I did the best I could on the children.
Sliders on children are not as flexible, unless I'm doing something wrong... Violet was a bit easier than Seraphina, due to the sliders, etc., but I hope you will enjoy them...

Made a few changes to Seraphina, so she has been updated!

The Affleck Family

Jennifer Garner sometimes uses green contacts.  For Garner 2 I uploaded
her with green contacts this time around... this is easy enough to change if
you want her in her normal eye color of brown.

I hope you all will be happy with the results of these sims, 
as without feedback I only had my own opinions to go by...

Happy simming everyone!

EP/ World Adventures

Ben, Jen, Violet and Seraphina's 
    Mods and Parts
(required for sim to look like pic's.)


CASSliderScaleMultiplie (mine is set at 5)


Mediafire Download: