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May 20, 2012...
 Hi Simmers... since I haven't been able to create sims I have been playing the game.  Since I don't like to lose any family members I created a home to hold them all ... hopefully, lol.  Check it out under "The Sim's 3 ...  THE EXCHANGE.  No CC, I think it turned out quite well, hope you will too.

January 9, 2012...

Lucy, Ethel and Fred sims ... downloads have been restored, thanks for your patience.

HI SIMMERS....  When I downloaded the latest version of the Sim's 3 game and latest version of Awesome Mod, my sims came out looking very weird.  I don't understand what is going on so hopefully soon if I can figure it out...OR... I will try to start from when I uploaded them on this site... from my own blog.   I hope I don't have to go back to this stage, especially for Cruise, but if I must I will.

When it rains it pours!
Now, I believe my PC has died.  So, at some point I will try to get my sims 3 game running on mac again... so unless that happens I won't be able to create any sims until I am able to afford and new PC and only GOD knows when that will be OR I can get it to work on mac.  May have something to do with snow leopard.  Not sure....until then... I WILL BE DYING TO SIM AGAIN!  :((

Hopefully, I will be back soon!


Hi, I'm simming again.  Trying to get help on Cruise, he is "very" hard, at least for me.  Working on him at MTS, here.

Affleck and Garner 2 Ready for download!



  Reba McEntire

 Charlize Theron
 Scarlett Johansson


Updates on Interview with The Vampire :  10/16 ...

** I think I only updated Cruise.  He is a bit hard to sim... could use some feedback, please.

Interview with The Vampire

Brad Pitt as Louie  .......
Tom Cruise as Lestat ...
Kirsten Dunst, as Claudia
Christian Slater as Daniel Malloy *(new)

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